Some Acronyms

Some important acronyms to get you started

AAU    – Acute Assessment Unit

ADTU – Acute Day Treatment Unit (An alternative to Acute Admission)

CATT  – Crisis Assessment Treatment Team

CCG    – Clinical Commissioning Group

CEDS  – Community Eating Disorders Service

CMHS – Community Mental Health Service

CPA   – Care Programme Approach

CQC   – Care Quality Commission

DATs  – Drug Action Teams

DD      – Dual Diagnosis

FEP    – First Episode in Psychosis (sometimes EIP Early Intervention in Psychosis)

HPFT  – Hertfordshire Partnership University Foundation Trust

IAPT  – Improving Access to Psychological Therapies

JCT     – Joint Commissioning Team

NICE – National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence

NIMHE – National Institute for Mental Health England

NR     – Nearest relative (A legal term referring to a family member who has certain responsibilities and powers for those detained under the Mental Health Act)

OCD   – Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

PD     – Personality Disorder

PICU – Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit

PTSD  – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

POhWER – People of Herts want Equal Rights (providers of Advocacy

RAID  – Rapid Assessment Interface and Discharge

SPA    – Single Point of Access