4th May 2017

 Minutes of the meeting

In attendance:Angela D, Carolyn G, Dick and Hazel L, John & Margaret I, Brian L, Tim and Francis W, Brian U, Terry G, Sue C, Anne R, Michael A, Rod W, Thelma F.

1. Apologies:- Rod C, Lawrie & Chris S, Sarah W, Dianna W, Zib L.

2. Minutes of last meeting : These were agreed as a true record

3. Matters arising: There were no matters arising.

4. Guest speaker – Tim Napper HCT Commissioning Manager (Carers) – Community Wellbeing (see also his slides). Tim had produced these slides to help address the questions we had asked him to cover back in January. He distributed copies of these slides to those attending Tim began his presentation with the recognition that

• Implementation of the Triangle of Care puts a greater burden on carers

• Carers save the NHS billions

The slides

What is commissioning? – a process to plan, agree deliver, monitor and review services.

Carers commissioning in Hertfordshire – has a variety of commissioners and funding sources see slide

The commissioning cycle, This is mostly an annual cycle but some projects might be planned over a longer period. It has four stages:

Analyse – learn and understand what Carers need and want

Plan – Set out what we will do to meet what Carers need and want

Do – Try out different approaches

Review- ask what worked and make changes

Analyse and Plan – This is refers to the large scale overall Herts strategies considering the needs of the county wide population.

The Do – The offer to carers is listed over 3 slides with a mixture of contracts and grants (£ 2.3m spent in 2016/17 on preventative carer services) This was via a competitive process that comprises preparing specifications, receiving bids, evaluating those bids. Current providers are listed on the slides.

Review – monitoring and evaluating services has a 3 tier approach listed on the slide as annual inspection, periodic outputs monitoring and outcomes measures and end of contract review.

Review continued – listening to carers this slide indicates the range of sources of carer input that can influence decisions. The HPFT organised Carer Council also got a mention.

Developing the market – Various methods of reaching providers and getting ideas were covered. This includes support to small groups, receiving bids for funding that will make things happen that would otherwise not. Pilot and trial new ideas and small scale services


Given that there are very few carer groups in the county and none as big as ours, what direct or indirect funding support can small carer groups receive? Tim outlined several sources of funding for carers that includes: direct commissioning services from which carers would benefit from, Locality community budgets for the next rounds for innovation, direct payments to carers, carer’s allowances (DWP).

He also mentioned Herts Help – 03001234044 – who provide advice for carers. They can make sure you get the help you need by directing you to specialist support services who can give you confidential and anonymous advice eg information about grants available. They have support brokers that can help: with social care or mental health services, personal budgets, to choose and plan support. Brokers work with you and your care workers to set up a support plan. The support plan says what you want your support services to do, how they’ll meet your needs and how much they’ll cost. It’ll also plan for your future needs.

Following the meeting as promised Tim sent the following links.

• Carers Joint Strategic Needs Assessment: https://www.hertfordshire.gov.uk/media-library/documents/public-health/jsna-documents/supporting-carers-to-care.pdf

• HertsHelp: www.hertshelp.net

For help with group funding:

At a countywide level, Tim adds that we commission Connect Hertfordshire to offer advice and support to charities and community groups. Their contact details are here and I would encourage you to contact them to talk to them about fundraising advice: https://www.connecthertfordshire.org/connect-hertfordshire.aspx

• Locally, Community Action Dacorum offer some advice in relation to fundraising: http://support4dacorum.org.uk/

• You can also sign up to funding alerts here – you get an email telling you about grant schemes that the group might want to apply to: http://herts.community/fundraising/

I will also add your email to the commissioning ebulletin, as we agreed. We issue this about once a month and include details about funding opportunities in that too.

What is on the near horizon with regard to carers?

• new National Carer’s Strategy

• support for carers in employment (see Sussex) via a confederation with employers

• New Carer Leads at hospitals

Dick asked where should we put pressure on to make changes for the better? Eg MPs, The Carer’s Trust, Carers UK. Tim replied that he felt that it would depend as each individual problem is different and would likely have a different optimum pressure point.

5. Upcoming events

Open Dialogue Conference – this was confirmed to be Monday the 15th May at the Birchwood Leisure Centre in Hatfield. From 2:30 – 4:00pm following the Carer’s Council. Those attending so far are Dick & Hazel, Terry. If others want to go, please contact Dick.

Caring and Coping course – This was confirmed as starting on the Thursday 25th May 9:30am for 10:00am start and finish at 12:00. The venue is the Quaker’s Chapel in Hemel Old Town High street. These details remain the same for the following 6 weeks of the course ending on the 29th June. You don’t have to attend every date but it would be good if you could. Those attending so far are Dick & Hazel, Carolyn and Margaret, Tim & Francis, Terry. If others wish to attend please contact Dick asap.

Summer day trip to Wisley – This was confirmed by Francis as being 6th July with the 16 seater coach leaving Gadebridge Park and Ride by 9:15am and leaving Wisley for the return home between 4:00 -5:00pm. Francis recommends that we take a picnic though there is a restaurant and a cafeteria if wanted. Additionally, she has organised for our group (minimum 10) to take advantage of their formal tour. Two mobility scooters have been booked for those who might want one to help with the tour. The price per member is still £10 each for the day. Names received so far are: Dick & Hazel who will travel by car, Margaret& John, Sue + 1 other, Tim and Francis, Terry.

6. Any Other Business

Terry asked if there was any progress to possible personal statements about what members get from attending the group that could be on our Web site to encourage others to join.

Francis spoke briefly about the Bunnings opportunity to promote the group and at the same time raise from funds. She agreed that it may not happen this year

Terry agreed to provide forth signature for our Nationwide account as per Tim’s request.

7. Date of next meeting1st June 2017 and BBQ with James Holland telling us about the new Hemel Hub