Further thoughts on the group

As a co-founder of the group I thought it might be a good idea to remind myself what I still get out of attending our support group? Well, the group continues to give me the opportunity to meet people with like minded problems.  Not only to share concerns, but also to hear about the good things other Carers are doing.

I get to hear the latest information from the varied speakers who attend our meetings and, of course, to hear from other members.  In particular, from those who attend workshops and meetings with professionals and give them a Carers’ Viewpoint. I also like the socialising over tea and coffee or wine and nibbles at the end of some meetings and I particularly enjoy our summer outing and Christmas meal.

I was recently asked “Where do I think the group is going”? My answer was that the group would continue to evolve as new people join and new challenges confront us. I hope that it can continue with a light handed approach to such a serious subject.  I believe that keeping a sense of humour can be a life saver!

To sum up, my hope for the future of the group is that it will continue to promote high quality patient care and support at both local and national level. That it will go on working with local services and campaign for adequate funding at national level. That it will bring information to members about new research into mental illness and new treatments or therapies beneficial to patients that can bring hope to all of us Carers and our loved ones.

Hazel Lovelace

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