5th March 2020


Dick & Hazel L, John & Margaret I, Tim & Francis W, Angela D, Geraldine M, Brian L, Kevin M, Terry G,

Terry welcomed Aya Hastwell attending from Herts Mind Network currently based in Watford


Zib L, Sue C, Rod C.

Minutes of last meeting:

were agreed as a true record

Matters arising:

Francis briefly updated the group on the state of progress with the posters and leaflets stating that the final copy is about to go to the designer/printers.

Treasurer’s financial report for year ending Dec 31st  2019:

Tim distributed copies of our financial transactions and identified some key points –

Total income =              £1728.9

Total expenditure=       £1215.87

Net worth =                   £1354.82 made up of (£1215.87 in the Bank + £138.95 cash in hand)

In discussion of these transactions several points were made

  1. the excess income over expenditure for the year was £539.55 and this is just about equal to the £500 income from Skipton.  Since this £500 was not spent in the last year, we effectively broke even. However, it will be used to fund our posters and leaflets in the next few months
  2. The biggest spend in the year was the Christmas dinner £495 which was pretty much covered by the income generated by Dick via his Tring Quiz event £450
  3. New sources of  income were mentioned by Francis namely the Local Lions who would be looking for a useful project for us to deliver before they would consider funding
  4. Areas of significant expenditure in the coming year were not discussed.  However, Terry stated that we will have to renew our website fees to Godaddy in September.

Election of officers for 2020:

Chairmen – Dick L and Terry G agreed to serve again as Co-chairmen

Treasurer – Tim agreed to serve again

Refreshments lead – Angela agreed to serve again

New role of Public Relations lead – To involve promotion of our activities and possible new sources of funding.  Francis, who was doing most of this anyway, agreed to take this on for the coming year.

Outgoing Chairmen’s review of 2019 including member’s involvement with HPFT & CIH:

Dick set about reminding the group of the past year’s involvement identifying both successes and set-backs.  He did this by working through the minutes of the groups meetings together with the Speakers attending and his attendances at a number of Carers in Herts and HPFT meetings

Among the points he made included:

  • this was the best year in 28 years of the groups existence (with the speakers attending, our visit to Bletchley Park, our BBQ and Christmas Dinner)
  • The End of Life Care Policy document about to be signed off  (and they listened to Carers)
  • The many Interview panels for both CIH and HPFT
  • Visits as an external assessor to numerous hospitals
  • Regular sitting as a member of the Quality and Risk committee of the HPFT (issues about preventing & reducing suicides)
  • Keeping Carers Safe for the HCC (also attending the HCC Scrutiny Committee)
  • A task and finish group dealing with Care for the Older
  • Monthly attendance at the HPFT’s Carer Council  and the CIH Mental Health Forum
  • Training of Trust staff in Carer Awareness (Sarah Williams and Sachdev Seyan doing most)

Possible future speakers and events for the coming year to include

  • Kelly Dowling (HPFT) who has agreed to speak in April together with Aya Hastwell (Mind)
  • the BBQ in May and not June
  • Peter Williams (Dens CEO) will speak in June
  • Julie Nichols (Herts Mind Network) hopes to come to the group and may yet agree to speak as it is their 50th Anniversary this year
  • There were no detailed suggestions forthcoming as to how we should organise a farewell event for Chris Lawrence’s leaving the Trust nor who should attend such an event from the group.
  • Suggestions for the July day out included – The Hendon aircraft museum, Thames at Oxford Canal at Stoke Bruen, The Shuttleworth Collection (airplanes), Training of Guide Dogs for the Deaf at Princess Risborough.  Further suggestions would be welcomed at this time
  • The Money Advice Unit has agreed to provide a speaker for September

Any Other Business

Kevin suggested that we are working more closely with CIH and Dick reported that he used to think that we were competing with them, but no more. There was some discussion of the 1200 service users who have been in the system for 10 years or more (the forgotten ones) and Sarah Williams of the CIH new model of treatment.  Dick and Kevin, with his other role as Chairing the Dacorum Patients Group, agreed to swap information more often and make coproduction more likely.

Dick talked about Carer’s assessment and his desire to improve the definition of a Carer to recognise that Carers have different needs that should be identified and addressed.  Francis talked about her experience of a Carer’s Assessments suggested that the Triangle of Care should be used more positively and improvement of a Carer’s skill a necessary consideration.

Kevin reminded the group that there was a “male only” Carers group in Hemel that meet in the day time which is run by Rod.  Kevin also reported that there are some 114,000 Carers in Herts and only 4,000 Carer Assessments carried out.

Date of next meeting –2nd April 2020