8th March 2018

Minutes of the meeting

In attendance: Sue C, Anne R, Angela D, Brian L, James L, John I, Margaret I, Dick L, Haze L, Terry G, Diana W,

Apologies: Geraldine M, Tim & Francis W, Rod C, Norma Y.

Minutes of last meeting (1st Feb 2018) were agreed as a true record.

Matters arising: There were no matters arising.

Treasurer’s Report for year ending Dec 31st 2017

With Tim’s absence on the night Terry presented the balance sheet as received from Tim.  He identified the major items of income and expenditure and the fact that we had in our account some £543 less than a year ago.

The major spends resulting in this were:

  • Our Wiseley day trip which cost £380 less the contributions of those attending of £150 left a shortfall requiring £230 subsidy from our account.
  • The cost of hosting the web site for three years and paid in this year was £160 from our account
  • Our Christmas Dinner which cost £515 less the contributions of those attending of £230 and an additional £240 contribution from Dick (the proceeds of his Tring quiz) leaving a £45 subsidy from our account.

The remainder comprises numerous miscellaneous smaller items.

Some discussion took place of other ways of funding, including direct monthly contributions from some members, but were not explored and the Treasurer’s report was accepted.

Chairmen’s review of 2017

Dick began this session with a look forward to the coming year (see item 9) for details and went on to highlight our meetings and the speakers as follows;

February 2017 – Speakers James Holland and Ian Pearce from the HPFT who talked to us about progress in the Carer Pathways initiative, the Triangle of Care and the Good to Great initiative

 May 2017 – Speaker Tim Napper CCG from HCC

  • Open Dialogue Conference –15th May at the Birchwood Leisure Centre in Hatfield
  • The 6 week Caring and Coping course started the Quaker’s Chapel in Hemel Old Town.
  • Terry asked the group for contributions for personal statements

June 2017 – Summer BBQ with speaker James Holland talking about the Hemel Hub

July 2017 – Day trip to Wiseley which was very hot day and the volunteer guides were very helpful

September 2017 – Speaker Julian Eaton talking about Africa and MH.  He wants to come again.

October 2017 – Jane Padmore  Director and Executive Nurse of HPFT told us about her career to date

November 2017 Leah Johnson new manager replacing Sophie Taylor told us about her intended improvements to the service.  Plus nibbles and Dick’s quiz

December 2017 Christmas Dinner and Dicks delayed 25th Anniversary speech.

January 2018 – Jo Clack of Rethink Mental Illness sharing his experience as a Carer

February 2018 – 3 Speakers Ian Pearce talking about the Hub, Richard Allen talking about the Spiritual Care Service within the HPFT and Alistair Flowers who updated us on the core features of  Mind.

Dick went on to remember Brian P and Lawrie S, who we lost during the year and to recognise those others recovering from serious illness.

Terry described our Membership as at March 2018 as :

  • 28 members on our database of which 5 are couples
  • 6 haven’t attended in the last year leaving 22 active members
  • 2 of these attend only occasionally leaving 20 effective members

Terry also reminded the group that he had received no personal testaments to include on our website and almost no contributions to the blog section on the site.  He went on to say that while it was good to tell others that we have a website, it has brought no new members.  Despite attempts to make it more search engine friendly it still does not appear in a general google search using obvious key words.

 Officers involvement with HPFT and other Carer organisations

Dick sits on the Quality and risk committee for the trust and is involved with suicide prevention training at National level. Additionally, he is deputy chair of the Carers Council and attends the Carers MH forum with Carers in Herts.

Terry reported that he has sat on several working groups – eg one developing the Carers Pathway and another developing a welcome pack and another developing training for local Crisis Teams in carer awareness and identifying risk and reducing suicides.

Anne R – also reported sitting on the Carers Pathway Group, Tutoring at the New Leaf College and being a Peer support worker with the Trust.

 Election of officers –

Nominations, candidate acceptance and subsequent election was agreed for 4 posts

  • Dick L                   as Co-chairman
  • Terry G                 as Co-chairman
  • Tim W                  as Treasurer
  • Angela D              as Refreshments

Possible future speakers

Dick proposed that we obtain more details about the type of condition that our loved ones are experiencing. This would aid in the choice of speakers ie select those who were able to focus on those conditions or consequences.  It was agreed that we focus on that at a meeting in the near future.  Perhaps at our June BBQ.

Dick reported that it was still the intention to get a Psychiatrist and Margaret I, suggested that we try to get someone who would explain what is available in supported housing/independent living.

More information on talking therapies such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) was also suggested

Projects to pursue in the coming year

Dick pointed out that there are H&S recommendations in depth for HPFT staff but there is none of note addressing Care’s safety .  He stated that he had managed to get this shortfall highlighted within the Trust via the Carers Council and has written a paper to be presented to the MH forum on the 13th March.  Anne supported this action and shared examples from her own journey.

Margaret I – gave an example of how a Care Co-ordinator failed to take seriously or even respond to her concerns about suicide threats from her son.  Terry suggested that we push again for alternate ways of addressing Care Co-ordination issues (shortages and training) within the Trust ie the model currently piloted with the First Episode Psychosis Teams.

Any Other Business

Dick reported that he had visited Bletchley Park (due for a £1 million upgrade) and had obtained details of facilities and costs. Angela suggested that we might wait for the upgrade before we organised our day trip there.  Wickstead Park was suggested as an alternative but no decision was taken given that we have several months to gather information before making a decision.

Dick reminded the group about the Mind Network AGM from 2 – 4 pm on the 16th March at the South Hill Centre, Cemetery Hill Hemel Hempstead.

Date of next meeting –5th April 2017

The meeting was followed by nibbles prepared by Hazel L.