6th April 2017

Minutes of the meeting

In attendance:Angela D, Dick and Hazel L, John & Margaret I, Brian L, Geraldine M, Tim and Francis W, Brian U, Terry G.

  1. Apologies:Rod C,Sue C, Lawrie & Chris S, Corolyn G, Dianna W, Zib L.
  2. Minutes of last meeting : Were agreed as a true record
  3. Matters arising: Terry raised the issue of still not received any personal stories of what the group means for them for inclusion on the web site.
  4. Treasurer’s Report for year ending Dec 31st 2016

Tim presented the detailed income and expenditure for the year together with a photocopy of the Nationwide balance as shown in the bank book. The overall picture for this year and last was:

     2017                        2016

Income                                                              £413.98                  £1776 .71

Expenditure                                                      £665.85                  £397.45

Balance held at bank                                   £1694.88                £1866.51

Following a discussion of the differences from last year it was agreed that all income and expenditure will be recorded and the sometime practice of netting one against the other from a single source should not occur as it would not provide a true picture.  The accounts were accepted as a true record.

  1. Chairmen’s review of 2016

Terry outlined highlights 2016/17 as follows:

March 2016 – AGM

There was no speaker and we proposed speakers for the year include:

  • A General Practitioner or a Psychiatrist
  • A Representative of the Crisis service eg the CAT team
  • Someone to update on the latest treatment for certain conditions

In the even we didn’t manage to get these and they remain on a list of speakers to invite this coming year

April 2016 – The speaker was James Holland covering the Carer Pathways” Confidentiality, Recruitment, Good to Great, Care Co-ordinators. Additionally, it was at this meeting that we agreed to pursue the development of our own website

May 2016 – The speakers Tanya Hammond & Sarah Williams who role played and commented on a typical Carer’s Assessment with Margaret. This meeting we discussed a possible group logo

June 2016 – This was a Barbecue evening and there was no Speaker.  During munching we managed to choose our logo and agree a summer day out at William McAlpines’

July 2016: some members attended the Carers in Herts Carer’s Forum.  The speaker there was  Simon Pattison Head of Service, Integrated Health Care Commissioning Team. He reported a 5% real increase budget 2016/17

September 2016 – There was no speaker and this was when we discussed the possibility of Joe Clack running a Carers and Coping Course for us. Terry also reported that our website content now uploaded.

October 2016 – Our speaker was  Keri O’Dell Herts Mind Network Watford.  Keri talked about her organisation’s work as providers of support services to people in the community. Current cost is £15.00 per hour. Also at this meeting Dick introduced Herts Coproduction Board as a new centre of influence.

November 2016 – Our speaker was Karen Irvine. Karen introduced several major studies going on some of which she was looking for participants. Our website was reported to be live and waiting for feedback from members. The Catalogue of group’s information resources and request for unwanted but relevant books to include as member’s contributions was made.

December 2016 – This was our evening dinner night out where Dick reported that we missed the opportunity of receiving only one discount instead of two as we had the year before.

January 2016: The speaker was going to be Tim Napper but the meeting was cancelled due to bad weather.  Tim will be our speaker in May.

February 2017 – The speakers were James Holland & Bob Asplin who stated that development on Carer Pathways was now complete and was being rolled out to staff.

March 2017 – Our Speaker Chris Lawrence Chairman of the Trust who took on board most of our comments for improvement and has passed them on to Jess Lievesley (Care Co-ordination) and James Holland (Triangle of Care & Carers Pathway) to progress.

Terry also reported that our membership as at March 2017 was as follows:

  • We have 32 members on our database of which 6 are couples
  • 5 haven’t attended in the last year leaving     27 active members
  • 6 of these attend only occasionally leaving    21 effective members

Dick reported that a meeting was being set up with Jess on May 5th for some 5 or 6 of us at Jess’s office probably at The Colonnades, to discuss “Care co-ordination” as the main issue but also to take the opportunity to talk about other things such as the Hub and Safety of Carers.

Dick also identified those speakers who had committed to speak to us in the coming months (see agenda item 9)

Dick went on to report that he had met with Jo Clack who had agreed to run the Caring and Coping course for us in the Quakers Building Old Hemel Town High Street.  Jo can take up to 10 people but not less than 4. The course is free and comprises 6 sessions from 9:30 am to 12:00 on 6 successive Thursdays starting 25th May.  Consequently members who wish to take advantage of this should let Dick know. Others who had attended an earlier course described it as “very uplifting”.  Course flyer will go out when the details are finalised in the next week or so.

Dick went on to mention an email from James Holland asking for our involvement in the HPFT’s work on the “Hemel HUB” located opposite the Town Hall in the Marlowes Hemel Hempstead.

Firstly that the HPFT are holding a series of drop-in workshops on the 27th April throughout the day there will be discussions and talks about progress with Service Users, Carers and Stakeholders. 50% of these will be for adult services and the others for children’s and young people’s services. These will be mixed sessions for people using both HPFT and HCT services. As soon as they have some publicity for this session they will circulate it.

Secondly, the HPFT will be holding bi-monthly open meetings for services users and carers to discuss progress. They will also speak with carer groups in June and are asking us if we would like to be part of some specific meetings. This could either be through a visit to one of our meetings or as a special meeting along with other carers groups in the area.  Since we don’t have a speaker for June, we intend to invite James to that meeting ie Thursday the 1st June. Also at this meeting we will likely include another BBQ as last year which was a success.

Frances introduced the suggestion of visiting The Royal Horticultural Society’s place at Wisley for our day out in July describing its features as providing something for all. There are shops, restaurants, coffee places and picnic areas for those who want to bring a picnic.  The cost for entry, with discount, to be £11.50 however, with some contribution from our funds, it was agreed that group members would be asked to pay £10.  Transport by our own cars was discussed but after reflection we agreed to take the minibus for the main party.  The agreed date was the Thursday 6th July.

6 .      Officers involvement with HPFT and other carer organisations

Terry distributed a list of activities carried out by members in the last year mainly with Carers in Herts or the HPFT.  The members involved thus far were Dick & Hazel, Rod, Terry and Anne Raines

7 .      Election of officers

The officers below were formally proposed and seconded without a challenge

Co Chairman & Speaker Organiser: Dick Lovelace

Co Chairman & Membership Secretary: Terry Graves

Treasurer: Tim Ward

Catering Lead: Angela Dunford

Additionally, Frances Ward’s contribution as second signatory to the accounts and future fund raising activities was recognised by electing her as Social Secretary with particular fundraising responsibilities

8 Possible future speakers

Tim Napper – 4th May

James Holland – 1st June (plus a BBQ)

Summer day out – 6th July at Wisley

No meeting Aug

Sept – a psychiatrist (still to be arranged)

Jane Padmore Oct

9 Projects to pursue –

Projects not already mentioned include members attendance at a Carer’s Council for those who wish to.  The start time will be 1:00pm on the 26th June at the Colonnades.  Please let Dick know before our May meeting if you wish to attend as we need to let the HPFT know the numbers to expect.  Depending on the numbers we hope to be able to take 2 or 3 of our own cars.

10 Any Other Business

Frances introduced copies of a document describing a Community Involvement Scheme at Bunnings Warehouse in St Albans where they offer fundraising opportunities for not for profit groups in the form of awareness tables at events about their premises and or in-store fundraising or awareness raising for our group.  It was agreed that this possibility should be pursued as they are about to open another store where Homebase was in Apsley.


11 Date of next meeting –4th May 2017 Tim Napper will be our guest speaker.