3rd March 2016

Minutes of the meeting

In attendance:

Rod C, Sue C, Angela D, Carolyn G, Elain G-J, Brian U, Dick &Hazel L, Brian L, Tim &Francis W, John &Margaret I, Carenza W, Terry G, Dianna W.

1. Apologies: Val T, Nick M.

2. Treasurer’s Report for year ending Dec 31st 2015

TW reported that our income is primarily from raffles and quiz nights but this year it included a donation from Nick Holinghurst. Plus a Lion’s donation which paid for our summer excursion. The overall picture was discussed and agreed as an accurate record.

While we use the Mind building for free, it was agreed that we should offer a donation in recognition of their generosity. Additionally, it was agreed that the Chairman should approach Nick Holinghurst with a request for a further donation next year.

3. Chairman’s review of 2015

DL began with feedback derived from the questionnaires received earlier in the year. He outlined that the final consensus was for 13 meetings. 10 to be held in the evening and 3 during the day. 1 of these would be our summer excursion. He went on to talk about collaborating with other groups with the aim of us being a little more political in in order to help “make a difference”.

In addition, he reported that RC, TG and himself now attend the Carer’s Council. This gives us direct access to some HPFT senior staff and a key point of influence. An example of how we might influence is the current policy to ban smoking of service users on NHS premises. This was never put to the Carer’s Council. Following some discussion by the group it was agreed that we ask the Trust, as strongly as possible, to rescind or at least review that policy.

He also reported that he had received a 4 page letter outlining the HPFT policy on confidentiality. This will be distributed to the group by email asap.

Dick also reported back on a Trust Strategy Group meeting that he had attended with Oliver Shandley and other senior staff to reflect on an integrated approach covering

  • Goals for the next 12 months
  • Milestones/Goals for 3 – 5 years
  • The expertise they have and to take this opportunity to shape direction

They were asked to prepare for the meeting by thinking of what “Great Care Great Outcomes” might entail. After speaking to carer members Dick prepared and presented the following:

  • Great Care is not only what you do but how you do it
  • Great Care is believing in the Trust values, promoting and living up to them
  • Great Care is good care without any exceptions
  • Great Care is not rocket science just going the extra mile
  • Great Care is when Hospital discharge is no longer feared as abandonment
  • Great Care is prevention before treatment
  • Great Care is when Suicide and self-harm become less of an option
  • Great Care is having enough staff to care in a great way

The Trust do the difficult things very well but the simple things like returning telephone messages poorly

These comments went down well and managed to lead the group’s discussion during their 2 hours of deliberation. Oliver Shandley’s email response was read out which was as follows:

This is incredibly helpful. If you have more detailed notes as well I would value these. Can I also take this opportunity to thank you for your incredible support. The amount of work you did in preparation for the meeting was just amazing. I feel very privileged to be working alongside you with this.

4. Proposals for speakers

Discussion centred on the type of speaker should we ask to address the group. In the past we have had a wide range of officers and psychiatrists at various levels from the Trust. In most cases, where the group expressed their concerns, the speaker responded verbally but there was no identifiable change in actions by the service or any form of follow up or report back from the speaker. Accordingly, it was agreed to attempt to address this by providing a specific brief for the speaker identifying what we want them to address and additionally to include a mechanism for follow up. Types of speaker representative mentioned that would be of interest to the group included

  • A General Practitioner
  • A Psychiatrist
  • A Representative of the Crisis service eg the CAT team
  • Someone to update on the latest treatment for certain conditions

Other suggestions that come to mind to members should to be sent to DL

5. Election of Officers

  • The following Officers were formally proposed and seconded
  • Co Chairman & Speaker Organiser: DL
  • Co Chairman & Membership Secretary: TG
  • Treasurer: TW
  • Catering Lead: AD

6. Any other business

It was agreed to investigate the possibilities of a steam train trip for the next day excursion. DL agreed to look at the suggestion of Sir Robert McAlpine’s railway near Henley preferably in June since that is when Carer’s week will be this year. It was suggested that we renew our interest in setting up a web site for the group. BL was in agreement to help do this when we can identify more clearly what it is to contain. Suggestions, should you have some, would be gratefully received by TG.

Membership as at March 2016

  • We have 21 contact addresses on our database
  • 6 are couples giving 27 members
  • 5 haven’t attended in the last year leaving 22 active members
  • 2 of these attend only occasionally leaving 20 effective members

7. Date of next meeting – Thursday 7th April 2016